As a holding company with a strong family and entrepreneurial DNA, we strive to play an active and influential role in the companies we invest in, promoting their growth and leadership while creating value for all stakeholders.

With a century's worth of experience as entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managers, across a diverse range of sectors, including publishing, media and television, insurance, education and universities, lotteries and asset management.

The values that guide us

While our roots are in Italy, our reach extends globally, directly or through our companies.

Investment strategy

The companies we invest in share with us a trajectory of growth and success, becoming part of a Group with a century-long legacy and a forward-looking approach.

We seek and select companies that:

  • are led by entrepreneurs and managers who share our values

  • have, or aspire to hold a unique position in the marketplace

  • have Italian roots but a prominent international vocation

What we offer

De Agostini is actively involved in fostering the growth and development of its investments. Our aim is to nurture and reinforce top-notch enterprises, leveraging our experience and expertise in:

  • transforming traditional and local players into innovative global champions
  • converting family-run businesses into solid groups with a wealth of skilled talents
  • effectively managing complex generational transitions
  • investing patient yet disciplined capital to juggle both prosperous and challenging cycles, pursuing long-term value creation

How we do it. Our approach

We prioritize flexibility and responsiveness, we have ready access to capital markets, and are highly adaptable in structuring transactions.

The four cornerstones of our role:


Our transparent approach to Governance is geared towards ensuring a unity of purpose and respect for roles, with our representatives on Executive Committees and Boards of Directors contributing to crucial decision-making processes


We are committed to providing our companies with exceptional leadership that is both unique and successful. As a result, we place significant emphasis on the selection, growth, and incentivization of management teams


We provide stable and disciplined financial resources with a long-term investment horizon and strategies designed to align the interests of all stakeholders

Strategic support

We work closely with the management teams of our companies to explore outlooks and scenarios, industry evolution, and development trends, collaborating to establish the most effective growth strategies