Constantly mindful of the needs of our communities and territory, in 2007 we established Fondazione De Agostini to solidify our social commitment and give back to the community part of the value generated by our Group’s business activities.

Fondazione De Agostini originates from our families’ aspiration to provide practical assistance to those who are most vulnerable, with a focus on prioritizing the well-being of the individual, through collaborative partnerships with associations, institutions and other foundations to promote change and social inclusion.

Disability, education and training, social inclusion and emergencies are the areas of intervention of Fondazione De Agostini, which translate into projects and actions capable of creating a different future and ending for each story we want to rewrite.

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We believe that listening, dialogue, and action are not just words, but solid pillars for building a participatory community where no one should be left out.

From 2007 to today