We manage our operations and businesses with a focus on their social, economic, and environmental impacts, while upholding human rights and diversity and inclusion policies. At De Agostini Group, we firmly believe that the diversity of nationalities, ethnicities, genders, and age groups within our workforce strengthens the value of our human capital and promotes a culture of well-being.

Group corporate social endeavours

We established a connection between Fondazione De Agostini, the companies, and the people who work for De Agostini Group: three players working towards a shared purpose.

1+1=3 Together for a social project

Our employees can submit a project sponsored by a Third Sector organization. The winning projects that will be supported by Fondazione De Agostini and Group companies are chosen through an online vote.

Global Giving Month

It is a corporate volunteer program designed to provide practical support to Third Sector organizations chosen by Fondazione De Agostini, by donating our time to those in need.



Social endeavours of the individual companies