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The organizational and governance model of the De Agostini Group has adapted to its growth from a family business to a diversified industrial and financial holding with a global reach.

Recognized as a hallmark of excellence, this model aims to effectively balance the needs of:

  • Managing a growing organizational complexity
  • Enabling our subsidiaries to achieve their goals
  • Aligning the interests of shareholders and management

The model is built upon three key elements

Ownership continuity

B&D Holding, which brings together the interests of the Drago and Boroli Families, is at the head of the Group. It acts as majority shareholder and ensures the Group's coherence of vision and management continuity.

The heart and soul of the Group is the operating holding De Agostini S.p.A., which exercises direction and coordination over its portfolio companies through the appointment of its representatives to Boards of Directors and Executive Committees.

Separation of roles between shareholders and Group management

The Group is fully managerialized. Separating the roles of shareholders, directors and managers ensures a balance between long-term goals and punctual operating results.

“Managers who act as “yes men” struggle to manage conflicts and to adapt to the challenges of modern times. Rather, our emphasis should be on fostering independence, open dialogue, debate, and even embracing conflicting viewpoints, to collaboratively seek the most effective solutions for the business. The risk in an organization lies in avoiding dialogue and blindly conforming to the overbearing leadership of the boss. Hence, to miss out on the dynamics of growth, of cultures, and of markets.”

Marco Drago
Marco Drago
Capital, 1.12.2003
Skill and merit

Managers and shareholders who pursue a path within the Group are measured and advanced based on their skill and merit.

The succession among key members of the Drago and Boroli families is grounded upon professional and value-based criteria that empower the younger generations to embark on a managerial path within the Group and to train to become shareholders, sharing the Family’s experience and values.

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