The De Agostini Group awarded by Opera Cardinal Ferrari

Opera Cardinal Ferrari has awarded the De Agostini Group. This Milan-based non-profit organization has fought for poverty and assisted vulnerable people for over a hundred years. The award is in recognition of the Group's participation with the most significant corporate team in the cafeteria service for the 'Carissimi' during Global Giving Month, which is the De Agostini Group's corporate volunteering month.

Last May, the De Agostini group employees dedicated a day to volunteering at associations and third-sector organizations collaborating with the De Agostini Foundation. A bridge has been built between the Group's companies, non-profit entities, and employees through corporate volunteering: three key actors fostering virtuous synergies and solidifying active and conscious social responsibility.

Opera Cardinal Ferrari was chosen by the highest number of employees who took turns volunteering at the soup kitchen for the poor and homeless. For this, they were recognized as the "Dream Team of the Year 2023," a significant acknowledgment of the Group's commitment to communities and an opportunity to generate good practices.