De Agostini S.p.A. gives execution to the Group's asset reinforcement plan for Euro 300 million

Novara, October 20 2009 - The Board of Directors of De Agostini S.p.A., chaired by Marco Drago, in execution of what was approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting last June 27, has resolved the issue of a mandatory exchangeable bond, to be converted into newly issued shares of the Company, for an overall amount of Euro 300 million.

The twenty-year De Agostini bonds (2009-2029) shall be offered to the parent company B&D Holding di Marco Drago e C. S.a.p.a. that shall underwrite them - by the end of 2009 - partially using already available funds and partially using the amounts deriving form the issue of a bond loan (partially mandatory convertible and partially convertible) for Euro 230 million, offered by the same B&D Holding di Marco Drago e C. S.a.p.a. to its stockholders.

The main objective of the above transactions consist in reinforcing the Group’s assets, ensuring it adequate financial flexibility, also in order to support the development plans of its strategic subsidiaries.

Lorenzo Pellicioli, Managing Director of De Agostini S.p.A., has commented: "It is the belief of the Company, as also shared with the stockholders of its parent company, that this transaction shall create the best premise to achieve the Group strategic plan’s objectives and to take the best opportunities that shall derive from the expected market recovery". 


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