De Agostini Chair in Corporate Strategy inaugurated at Bocconi University of Milan

On 28 March in Milan, the De Agostini Chair in Corporate Strategy, supported by the De Agostini Group, was inaugurated at the "Luigi Bocconi" University Auditorium.

The evening event opened with Andrea Sironi, President of Bocconi University, who underscored the strategic relevance of the partnership with De Agostini and the fact that the chair is named after one of our Country’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, who successfully managerialized the family business, demonstrating an exceptional forward-thinking vision.

Next, Sonja Opper, full professor in Global Strategy and Institutions at Bocconi University and chair in Corporate Strategy, delivered the lecture "Where Foreign Companies Thrive: The Long Shadow of History”.

Marco Drago, Chairman Emeritus of the De Agostini Group and 2001 Bocconi Alumnus, reaffirmed that the chair provides students at the University with a significant boost to their professional careers, being the result of the synergy between Bocconi University and the experience of the De Agostini Group. Indeed, the themes of the chair embody the evolution of the De Agostini Group under the leadership of Marco Drago, who served as Chairman for 25 years and dedicated over 50 years to the company.

The De Agostini Group's organizational and governance model, acknowledged as a paradigm of excellence in Corporate Strategy, was also the focus of a panel discussion involving Paolo Basilico, Vittorio Colao, Elena Goitini, and Paolo Scaroni. The closing remarks were delivered by Bocconi University Chancellor Francesco Billari, who also announced the dedication of a classroom on the new Bocconi campus to the entrepreneurial figure of Marco Drago, serving as a source of inspiration for the Country’s future leaders.